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    September 25, 2012

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The Thailand National Team has confirmed they will make their international indoor lacrosse debut in the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships.

“On behalf of the Thailand Lacrosse Association, we are honored to be welcomed to compete in the World Indoor Championship hosted by Haudenosaunee Nation in 2015,” said TLA President Prantarit Nerngchamnong. “It will be another mile stone for our program as a whole, and a quantum leap for the indoor lacrosse development for Thailand.”

Thailand has been a leader in the growth of lacrosse in Asia, and has led organizational efforts for several exhibition matches on the continent.  Their men’s program will debut in their first international tournament at the 2014 World Field Lacrosse Championships.

Eight nations competed in the 2011 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships — Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Iroquois Nationals, Slovakia, and the United States — Thailand, Israel and Turkey have committed to joining as new teams in 2015, with interest also coming from several other potential countries.